Three Paths to Becoming a Crypto Mogul

  • Published on December 17, 2021

Ed Barsano


Cryptocurrency Fully Robotic Trading Application Development at GoBabyTrade

Crypto trading has become to the millennial investor what stock trading was to their parents. Even seasoned, older stock traders are turning their attention toward the arena of crypto trading. Buy and holders seek to get in early on low priced coins while swing traders feast on the volatility and price moves. With established exchanges such as CoinBase, Kraken, and Binance, and platforms such as GoBabyTrade, crypto trading has never been easier.

Many are eager to get on board with cryptos. While there are those who feel that the only way to get rich with cryptos is to buy a crypto coin, hold it for years and wait for it to hopefully reach an astronomical price, like Bitcoin($50,000), GoBabyTrade clients have identified 3 other paths to reaching millionaire status sooner.

Path 1: Buy and Hold (HODL) = “Hold on for dear life”

You could buy one or more of the same coin and hold it for many years. For example, Ether (ETH) was $0.50 in 2015. If you purchased 2000 Ether coins for $1000, as a buy and holder, the 2000 coins would be worth $8,000,000 today, 6 years later.

For Web Trader Clients:  Here is the "Allow Buy" and "Allow Sell" Settings: (Leave "Allow Buy" and "Allow Sell" unchecked. Allows Manual Buy Only.

Path 2: Buy and Hold but Accumulate more on the Price Drops

One of the terms you’ll hear in the crypto community is HODL meaning “Hold on for Dear Life.” There’s a good reason for that. Crypto prices are very volatile. Coins have been known to dip 30 to 60 percent in a day and recover at a somewhat slower pace.

After you purchase a coin and see the price go higher in value you might think “I wish I had bought more at the lower price.” So using a buy-hold-and-accumulate strategy allows you to buy more at a lower price at price points you control. Using this method allows you to build-up large quantities of a single coin, like a billion SHIB, but at cheaper price points.

For Web Trader Clients:  Here is the "Allow Buy" and "Allow Sell" Settings: (Leave "Allow Buy" checked and set "Allow Sell" to unchecked. Allows Automated Buying to accumulate but does not allow selling to lock in any profits.

Path 3: Lock-in Profits as you HODL

This method is similar to method 2 where you add more on price drops. However, with this method, in addition to adding on price drops, you consistently sell the profitable positions to lock-in the profits from that trade. Using this method, you no longer care if the coin goes very high in value as your goal is to continuously and repeatedly buy and sell as the coin price fluctuates up and down by small percentage moves.

For Web Trader Clients:  Here is the "Allow Buy" and "Allow Sell" Settings: (Leave Both "Allow Buy" and "Allow Sell" checked. Allows Automated Buying and selling to lock-in profits as the coin price moves up and down.



The GoBabyTrade fully robotic crypto trader automates all of the above methods. All you need to do is enter the crypto currencies you want to trade. GoBabyTrade_Crypto trades through trusted exchanges CoinBase, Kraken, and Binance.

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